He had to block some Scuds to win the Scudetto

In the ancient time, two rival cities could solve their conflict by choosing champions. The fatal affront between the Horaces et and the Curiaces remind us that a champion can overcome against all odds when the honour of his city is at stake.

Milan saw a champion in Mike. In the streets, at the stadium, on the radio, on the TV, you just had to listen to catch the passion. On the pitch, Mike speaks with his hands. Italians love it. And there is the attitude, the discipline, the anger as he likes to call his inside force. The Rossoneri fell for him.

Stendhal already said it all when it comes to passion, to the red and the black. A true passion can only think of itself. For Milan, Mike took some bullets. We saw him on the ground. We saw him suffering and grumbling. And we heard him making a promise. All the work he has done to come back, to reinvent himself and to wear his suits went against all odds. It’s a work only a champion could accomplish.

To defend the honour of the city, to erase 10 years of scarcity, the Rossoneri started to walk and nothing could stop them. Nor the opponents, or the referees, or the heavy rain. They had to follow their chances on deep water. Until Sassuolo.

The city can now sleep tight. Its champion are watching. Per sempre !